This Mattress Factory installation is an extension of our ongoing research and explorations originating from The Power House, a single family bungalow in Detroit transformed into a place for observing and collecting solar and wind movements through video recordings, photovoltaic and wind energy production, solar heat storage, and color mapping. Following the Sun 2 transforms the southeast corner of the Mattress Factory building’s 4th floor, using the space to develop and learn within a new context while considering the scenery of the place. Designed as a welcoming environment for reflection and contemplation through direct observation via technical read outs of real time wind and solar activity, heat emanating from strategically placed warming rocks, and the Pittsburgh sky – Dusk, Day and Dawn – via views from the gallery windows, recorded during the month of August, 2013. An important aspect of our exploration, visible throughout the room, is the use of Direct Current (DC) electricity which we use as an aide or indicator of how to better educate ourselves about opposing forces – soft/hard, dark/light, positive/negative, yin/yang, cool/warm.

(3) 265watt photovoltaic panels (roof mounted)
(3) 200watt wind turbines (roof mounted)
(3) Plasma monitors
(3) Dump load resistors (heat source)
Michigan Pictured Rock stones, plywood and lumber, 24volt DC electrical components and meters, latex paint and polyester wool blend felt, slate chalkboards, conduit.