Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, IL

A project in conjunction with the Heartland exhibition now showing at the Smart Museum, we went looking for interesting arts initiatives and interventions throughout the Midwest. Our project involves photographing and videotaping the people, places and cities who make art in this region to document and export in the most spectacular way. We were also on a quest for materials and resources to build our cultural contraption. The result is a sculptural self-contained information kiosk showcasing the character active in this region.

Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN
Bemis Center, Omaha, NE
Glenn & Lexie, Missouri River, MO
Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO
Colby Smith, Review Studios, Kansas City, MO
Beniah Leuschke
James Woodfill
Cranky Yellow, St. Louis, MO
The White Flag Project, St. Louis, MO
Boots Contemporary Art Space, St. Louis, MO
Derek Hoeferlein
The Suburban, Oak Park, IL
Mess Hall, Chicago, IL
Theaster Gates
Smart Museum staff