Design99 continues to investigate means of off-the-grid power production, public art initiatives and neighborhood participation. The term Power House describes two functions. First, the house is a power creator meaning it produces its own electricity from solar and wind power with an the intention of powering an additional adjacent house -- thus creating a localized power grid. Second, the term implies a kind of taking control of ones own community by becoming an example of self reliance, sustainability and creative problem solving through education, communication and increased diversification of the neighborhood. In all a place that symbolizes hopefulness and curiosity by integrating a complex web of social and artistic ideas into a neighborhood that might otherwise end up into a typical cycle of decay and criminality.

Including collaborative residency projects with Erik Jutten (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and Guido Marsille (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

For more information on how the Power House philosophy has developed into a neighborhood development strategy, please visit the Power House Productions [PHP] website.